IOI 2020 is coming in 22 months
(or 663 days :)


IOI 2020, Singapore will be hosted by School of Computing of the National University of Singapore (NUS).

IOI 2020 are supported by Singapore Ministry of Education (MOE) and Singapore Exhibition & Convention Bureau (SECB).

IOI 2020 is powered by Acer.

IOI 2020 partner airline is Singapore Airlines (SIA).

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Rough Schedule

Confirmed event dates: Sunday, 19 July 2020 - Sunday, 26 July 2020 with typical rough schedule as follows:

DayThemeMain Event(s)
1Arrival Day
Sun, 19 July
After landing at Singapore Changi Airport (IATA: SIN), clearing immigration, and taking luggage(s), your delegation will be approached by your assigned local guide at arrival hall and will be escorted directly to NUS UTown with individual taxi(s) -- no need to wait for group buses :).
Delegation will then do registration upon reaching UTown and contestants will check in to their UTown rooms.
Accommodation for national team leaders will be at one of the Residential Colleges (details TBC).
Accommodation for committee members and paid guests will be at Kent Vale apartments.
It is free and easy time afterwards (other optional activities TBC).
2Opening Day
Mon, 20 July
GA meeting 1 for leaders in the early morning at (one of) NUS UTown auditorium.
Practice session in the morning at NUS Multi-Purpose Sports Hall (MPSH, map).
GA meeting 2 post practice session.
Opening Ceremony in the afternoon at NUS University Cultural Center (UCC).
Quarantine for contestants and GA meeting 3: tasks selection/translation for leaders at night (venue TBC).
3Contest Day 1
Tue, 21 July
5 hours contest in the morning-afternoon at NUS MPSH.
2 hours time window for post contest checks/appeals in the afternoon.
Winding down activity around NUS (details TBC).
GA meeting 4 for leaders at night.
4Social Day 1
Wed, 22 July
One day visit to Singapore iconic Marina Bay (details for buses and excursion details TBC).
Quarantine for contestants and GA meeting 5: tasks selection/translation for leaders at night.
5Contest Day 2
Thu, 23 July
5 hours contest in the morning-afternoon at NUS MPSH.
2 hours time window for post contest checks/appeals in the afternoon.
Winding down activity around NUS (details TBC).
GA meeting 6 for leaders at night.
6Social Day 2
Fri, 24 July
One day visit to Universal Studios Singapore (USS) located at Singapore iconic Sentosa Island (details for buses TBA).
We plan to drop all delegations at USS by the time the park opens at 10am SGT.
We will have lunch and dinner onsite.
We plan to provide buses back to NUS UTown/guest hotel at regular interval from 7pm-park closing time at 10pm.
7Closing Day
Sat, 25 July
GA meeting 7 for leaders in the morning (separate event for contestants TBC).
Closing/Awarding Ceremony in the afternoon, also at NUS UCC.
IOI post-event celebration at night (details TBC).
8Departure Day
Sun, 26 July
As with Arrival Day, we will send each delegation to Changi Airport using individual taxi(s) -- minimize waiting time before outbound flight for all delegations :). However, this time we encourage you to spend a few hours before your flight to explore JEWEL Changi Airport that will open by 2019.

Visa to enter Singapore

Most IOI delegations do not need visa to enter Singapore, but please check Singapore Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) webpage for latest updates.
However, a few IOI delegations need Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate to enter Singapore.

IOI 2020 Committees

Honorary Chairman: Professor Bernard Tan Cheng Yian.

Executive Director: Associate Professor Tan Sun Teck (IC member).

Deputy Director: Dr Steven Halim.

Scientific Committee (setting up practice tasks and six+ challenging tasks, testing the tasks with various permutations of test data):
Professor Sung Wing Kin, Ken (HSC chair),
Gan Wei Liang (ISC member),
Melvin Zhang Zhiyong (HSC member),
Raymond Kang Seng Ing (HSC member),
Hubert Teo Hua Kian (HSC member),
Wu Xinyu (HSC member),
Koh Zi Chun (HSC member),
Foo Chuan Yu (HSC member),
a few SGP past medalists for HSC roles who will not be SGP Team/Deputy Leader 1/2 in 2020 (TBC).

Technical Committee (contest floor setup, local networks, backup system, translation system, and all other technical stuffs):
Associate Professor Chan Mun Choon (HTC chair),
Ranald Lam Yun Shao (ITC member),
Daniel Wong Lin Kit (HTC member),
Lin Si Jie (HTC member),
Ho Jie Feng (HTC member),
Wang Zhi Jian (HTC member),
SoC IT unit staffs (TBC),
Acer technical staffs (TBC).

Administrative Committee (also oversee Guest-track committee):
Mrs Ho Siew Foong (Admin chair),
Teo Pei Pei,
Irene Ong Hwei Nee,
Cheon Yuet Ying,
Other SoC dean's office staffs (TBC).

Corporate Relations:
Toh Tien-Yi (Corporate Relations chair),
Christine Wu,
Other NUS/SoC Corporate Relations staffs (TBC).
External vendors (TBC).

Ceremony Committee (plan and execute opening and closing ceremonies of the IOI 2020):
Adi Yoga Sidi Prabawa (PIC for the accurracies of opening and closing ceremonies).
A few other people (TBC).

Transportation Committee (meeting point at Changi airport + taxis, buses for 2 excursion days, attendance check system-TBC):

Guest-track Committee (preparing activities and excursions for the guests):
Agatha Lim Hong Chin (Guest-track chair),
Grace Suryani Halim,
Jasmine Tan Shu Yi.