Please find a compendium of Frequently Asked Questions, and their answers, listed below. Questions specific to the Contestant PC or Contestant VM are listed in the Contestant PC page.


Q1: Is there any procedure for food and drink breaks, such as for cases where the contest participation venue does not permit food and/or drinks to be brought in?

The same procedures for toilet breaks can apply. Contestants must be accompanied or supervised by a Proctor who must ensure that no communication or other unauthorised activity takes place.

Q2: Are Adjuncts who only serve as Proctors, and thus will not join the GAs, still required to register, make Keybase accounts, and follow the verification steps?

There is no need for persons who serve only purely a proctoring role (i.e. not participating in GA, task selection, and translation).

Q3: If a Proctor has to communicate with the host organising team, which app will be used?

All communication with the host organising team will be via Keybase. If needed, Zoom will be used for voice and video calls, and screen shares. Email will be the fallback communication channel.

Q4: Do proctors need to be the same for both days of Contest? Can we register backup Proctors in case the assigned Proctors are unable to reach the contest participation venues?

You may have different Proctors on different days. The same criteria for Proctors is expected on both days. We advise to have backup Proctors.

Q5: Can there be more than two Proctors per contest participation venue?


Q6: Can additional personnel, such as for technical support, be present at the contest participation venue?

Yes. They should not interact with the Contestant except for a necessary, authorised, purpose (e.g. to fix a computer hardware).


Q1: Should Deputy Leaders and Adjuncts be verified on Keybase in the same way as Team Leaders?

Yes, please use the same verification protocol.

Practice and Contest Matters

Q1: What should we do when there is an electrical outage, or other event such as disruption to Internet connectivity?

We expect that all contest participation venues should make their own contingency arrangements. Contestants will not receive any considerations for problems encountered at their contest participation venues. Local Proctors should still inform the HTC so they aer aware that there are some ongoing issues.

Q2: A static result will be posted after each Contest day. What is the reason that a live scoreboard cannot be provided?

We feel this is the easiest potential information leak to Contestants during toilet break.

Q3: Is it alright that Team Leaders or other appointed person other than the Contestant(s) test the on-site setup on Practice day?

Yes. We do advise Contestants to be familiar with the contest participation venue themselves, including the use of the equipment provided. However, we leave this to Teams to decide if this is necessary.

Q4: Can Contestants join and participate on Practice day remotely from their laptop/PC, and their own home (i.e. not the actual contest participation venue)?


Q5: Will Contestants have access to other translations at the beginning of the Contest?

Yes. Contestants will have access to all available translations through the CMS.

Q6: Is there any need to submit translation request to use other countries' translations?

No. Contestants will have access to all available translations through the CMS.