Contestant PC

IOI 2020 Contestant PC

With IOI 2020 conducted online, Teams will be required to prepare Contestant PCs and run Contestant VMs in order to participate in the competition. The IOI 2020 Contestant PC Manual specifies requirements, preparations, setup, testing, and operating procedures for the Contestant PC.

Download: IOI 2020 Contestant PC Manual - 2 Aug 2020, Contestant VM Beta 2

More information and other updates will be published on this page in due course.


2 Aug 2020: Contestant VM Beta 2 is released. There are some minor updates to the IOI 2020 Contestant PC Manual, mostly edits to use consistent terminology.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. VMware Workstation doesn't seem to work with Hyper-V in my Windows 10 PC. What can I do?

Some editions of Windows 10 (e.g. Pro and Education editions) come with Hyper-V support. Since both VMware Workstation and Hyper-V are virtualisation layers, you cannot run both at the same time. You need to disable Hyper-V, either by uninstalling the feature in "Turn Windows features on or off" (just press the Windows key and search for that phrase), or by temporarily stopping Hyper-V with this command in CMD prompt:

bcdedit /set hypervisorlaunchtype off

and reboot the PC.

(Note that from Windows 10 version 2004, VMware Workstation can use Hyper-V for virtualisation.)

2. Can I use a Mac or Linux computer for the host PC?

Yes, you can use VMware Workstation for Linux and VMware Fusion, for Linux and macOS respectively, to run the Contestant VM . Note that the HTC can only commit to provide technical support for Contest PCs running Windows 10.

3. Can I use AMD processors instead of Intel?

Yes. While there are no reasons why AMD processors cannot be used, the HTC has only tested the Contestant VM on Windows 10 PCs using Intel processors. You should expect to self-support in the event that there are technical issues with running the Contestant VM with AMD processors.